Minecraft Build Inspired by Control


Minecraft Build Inspired by Control

It's always amazing to see a Minecraft build. Although Minecraft isn't a game about inheriting some strange shape-shifting weapon and attacking evil fridges, it does give a very narrow description of Control. This is a very useful comparison, as we're going to be looking at this Control-inspired Minecraft build.

Reddit user Ominous_Hippopotamus, who happens to be our favourite handle, posted a video showing a hardcore base that they've been building inspired by The Oldest House from Control. The Oldest House is a strange and wonderful place, filled with bizarre trinkets, weapons, or beings from other realms. The entire place can best be described as unsettling. Ominous Hippopotamus captured the entire scene in a video.

Although we only have a brief glimpse of this base, it feels very real. The player is greeted by the open atrium and welcoming plant life. However, the video turns a corner and shows the unsettling geometry that juts out and twists space.

It's a fantastic recreation of the area. While it's unlikely that the Hiss will be causing havoc, it's a reminder of how much care and attention goes into many of the Minecraft builds. It's evident that a lot of effort and time went into making it feel authentic. The lighting is particularly captivating.

It's this same attention to detail that players use to create things like the Ghostbusters theme tune out of Redstone or a data pack that lets you play with Breath of the Wild abilities. We're not sure if it's the same love that makes people turn bees into Steve. If you are interested in creating your own nightmares check out our Minecraft skins guide. We also have the best Minecraft mods to help you get started.