Minecraft Build Inspired by Control

It’s always amazing to see a Minecraft build. Although Minecraft isn’t a game about inheriting some strange shape-shifting weapon and attacking evil fridges, it does give a very narrow description of Control. This is a very useful comparison, as we’re going to be looking at this Control-inspired Minecraft build. Reddit user Ominous_Hippopotamus, who happens to […]

Disney Infinity Review

Rumours suggest that Disney invested US$100m in Infinity. This sounds absurd until you consider that Activision has crossed the US$1b mark in just 15 months with Skylanders. Infinity will be a hit with parents thanks to its familiar and friendly IP. But is it worth the effort? Matt Maguire takes a look. Pixar seems determined […]

5 buildings that got changed

Minecraft 1.18 will be released for Java and Bedrock Editions on November 30, 2021. Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2 will bring a major overhaul of the Overworld, adding many new biomes and world generation capabilities. Mojang will add massive mountains and deep cave biomes to the Overworld, causing dramatic changes. Developers have also fixed many bugs […]

Minecraft Color codes

Many Minecraft players will have seen that text can be changed using color and formatting options such as bold and italics. Minecraft players can add uniqueness to text on books, quill items, or even the message of a server by using formatting codes. Modifying text using formatting codes is a bit different between Java Editions […]

What is Lunar client?

For Minecraft users who want more from their launcher and game client, there are a variety of third-party clients that they can choose from. This includes the Lunar Client. Lunar Client provides a seamless and easy way to increase your Minecraft performance and experience. It also offers accessibility on various operating systems and framerates. The […]

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